Order processing management

Our skilled and experienced team collects information and makes all orders.

Everything is tailormade and standardised to support the manufacturer. 

Every single detail can be settled by confirming with us.

This way manufacturer can service the customer faster, more reliably and with less costly mistakes.

Our team follows the execution on daily basis.

We react without delay to any deviances supporting the manufacturer with solutions that customers can accept. All the way until the goods have arrived and been inspected.

Trading services

We combine different interests also on financial level.

Some manufacturers have built the systems to support major markets and global customers and flexibility is limited.

Customers have their own approach that is not matching.

In these cases we build a solution with financial coordination and a more comprehensive approach to manage a smaller market.

This makes the business possible that would otherwise not exist. With our support the customer gets the products they need from manufacturers and manufacturer gets orders that would otherwise be missed.

Logistics services

Customer may need more flexibility in logistics and meeting production minimums than what the manufacturer can offer.

We build solutions for great products that would be too difficult to take at once into customer warehouse.

We and our partners can provide warehousing and daily delivery services even straight to the stores. Many success stories have been built this way that would otherwise have never happened.


Target of solving any problem is to minimize damage, provide solutions for corrective actions and build confidence for future business.

Situations are examined carefully case by case with experience. Decisions and recommendations are made fairly and according to the local laws.

Customer gets immediate and professional service.

Issues are reported and suggestions made for improvement.

Saves time, head ache and money for everybody involved. As a result manufacturer becomes one of the trusted partners.

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